Nurturing Nature: Adit Dave’s Story (Colon Cancer)


For many people, their emotional state continues to spiral downwards on discovering that they have cancer. But Cancer Thriver Adit Dave took this challenge in his stride. See how he transformed this breaking point into a turning point.

“You have cancer”

The three words “You have cancer” can change your life forever. Just re-living that moment makes you want to retreat to a dark corner and hide. But the same three words can also signal a new beginning to the rest of your life.

Colon cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer. Fighting against cancer requires a lot of courage and the a rough denial phase before that.

While everybody faces the same questions: “Why me?”, “Why now?” and “Where did I go wrong?”, cancer doesn’t have to be the devastating experience that society says it is. It can become the turning point that helps you re-evaluate and make fundamental changes in your life, so that it becomes a truly fulfilling experience.

Courage, Willpower and Strength to defeat Colon Cancer

Adit Dave heard those three deadly words when he was 47. As I listened to him, I found myself comparing my relatively short life to his mature years; he had accomplished and experienced so much more. Yet, I realised that he used words like “courage, willpower and strength” a lot. He described, but never dwelt on his negative emotions, even when he’d first realised he had colon cancer.

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Alternative Source of Energy 

While fighting against cancer, everyone looks forward to getting well and this includes recuperation after surgery and chemotherapy. Adit loves the mountains and he went there soon after his first chemotherapy session.

The peace and quiet of a pure and unaffected place seeped into him. Nature surrounded him with soothing, positive energy and he soaked it in. He would return to that place of refuge repeatedly in between chemotherapy sessions, listen to music and feel refreshed by the succour that nature provided.

Family Support while fighting against cancer

When Adit talked about his family, I was reminded of something Alex Haley, the American author wrote “In every conceivable manner, the family is our link to our past, our bridge to our future.”

It was obvious that Adit loves his family deeply and they were truly the ones who kept him going through the bad days. They surrounded him with the utmost positivity, helping him get better. They were his bridge from the past to a future where his life was more nourished.

He re-evaluated all his priorities: where he lived, worked and who he was surrounded by. He realised work was simply not worth the stress and that he could drop all the negative influences in his life. It was a conscious choice.

Adit’s secret

Unlike most of us, Adit seems to have sorted his life out perfectly. He knows exactly what he wants to do with his colon cancer experience. His secret: surrounding himself with natural, pure, positive energy, be it from nature or the love of his family and friends.

Those same three words which make people shrivel up on the inside, made Adit’s life what it is today. He is filled with optimism and hope, enjoying a bright present and a brighter future. He is truly a colon cancer thriver.

Many people with cancer don’t realise that such a life exists and is within reach, just waiting for you to grab it. So I urge you: make that decision today and use your cancer experience as the ‘fork-in-the-road’!


  • During the cancer journey it’s very easy to be sad and depressed but what can you do to find hope and motivation to live?
  • While cancer might be the biggest challenge of your life, it also serves as the greatest opportunity for growth. How can you evaluate your life and take corrective steps to correct the problems?


Taarika is a student of Communications at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She believes that every experience is a chance to grow stronger and wiser. To make our lives should be fulfilling and rewarding, we need to stay positive and live each day to the fullest.


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