Cancer Basics – eBook


In ‘Cancer Basics’, we explain in simple terms, the common cellular process of cancer in the human body, along with its causes, treatments and stages.

When you are better informed, you can have better conversations with your doctors and with your family.

In this book you will find

  • How cancer occurs and why it causes death
  • Cancer staging and how to talk about it
  • What really causes cancer and,
  • How you can approach cancer treatment

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We encourage you to print and share this e-book with those who are going through the difficult journey with cancer. As you go through the book, you may have many thoughts and we urge you to treat this e-book as a space to make notes, write down your questions and reflect on insights.


  1. This book should be helpful for reference work and a guide for people to stay careful from this killer disease.The greatest killer of mankind CANCER!


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