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Message from Vijay

A hospital is no place to be sick” (Samuel Goldwyn) and “How many desolate people have learnt the simple dues of fellowship and social comfort, in a hospital” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning). These 2 quotes are on opposite ends of how most people experience hospitalisation. The unpleasant reality of cancer is that you will be in and out of hospitals a lot!. This month, thriver Ameena Meer shares some powerful insights on how you can “survive hospitalisation” as she calls it. And once the hospital ordeal is behind you, how do you deal with an uncertain future? Cancer-Coaching can help. We also profile some of our trained SHERPAs, who can help you navigate the daunting journey. Please comment and share as you always do. Warmly, Vijay.

How To Survive Hospitalisation

Thriver Ameena Meer tells her story and how she chose a holistic and integrated approach to overcome uterine cancer
Thriver Ameena Meer tells her story and how she chose a holistic and integrated approach to overcome uterine cancer

Surviving Hospitalisation: The First Trip (2 of 7)

The first scary trip to the hospital, and how to deal with it

Surviving Hospitalisation: Think Small (3 of 7)

How to prepare when it is time to check in to the hospital

Surviving Hospitalisation: Befriend Your Doctor (7 of 7)

How you relate with doctors can make a big difference to your hospital stay. Here are some tips.

Meet The Cancer Awakens Sherpas

Caregiver from 2008-2013:
Ovarian Cancer

Having lost his wife (Anuja) to cancer, Anand wants to help others to appreciate the importance of -acceptance.

Thriver since 2011:
Breast Cancer

Anju wants to help others discover the Holistic approach and social support that helped her heal.

Thriver since 2008:
Ovarian Cancer

Jaishree wants to help people understand the body’s innate healing abilities and to love themselves.

Thriver since 2002:
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Viji wants to promote empathy and optimism as a way to see cancer as a transformative experience.

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