Cancer Awakens Newsletter - April 2018

Message from Vijay

Every cancer diagnosis comes as a shock. Your world collapses and you ask “Why me?” Yet there are thousands of people around the world who not only survive, but thrive. They flip the cancer odds: they awaken, heal and grow through the daunting experience. Our unique THRIVER Program provides a personal coaching service by a trained SHERPA to support the journey of positive change, recovery and rehabilitation. Learn to thrive, be a Thriver.
T – Take Charge
– Heal Within
– Release Stressors
– Initiate Change
– Voyage Bravely
– Embrace Life
– Reciprocate Manifold
If you, or someone you know, is ready to be a THRIVER, please enrol via our website or email Our 13 SHERPAs are standing by, ready to help.

Thanks, Vijay

Become A Cancer Thriver

cancer thrivers way of life
Surviving cancer - the five things that successful thrivers do, which you can learn from.
my cancer is me by Vijay Bhat

My Cancer Is Me: Is That Possible?

We often ask 'Why me?' after a cancer diagnosis. But we don't realise that 'My cancer is me'. Yes, that's right. Cancer is a...
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Cancer Diagnosis: After The Shock, What Next?

After a cancer diagnosis, you may feel the end is near. But there is good evidence to suggest that you can survive and even...

Positive Thinking And Cancer Survival: Is There A Link?

Positive thinking and cancer survival are deeply connected. Our language and mindset about cancer reflects how we see cancer. The negative vocabulary around the...

Enrol For The Thriver Program

Cancer Survivors, Victims, or Thrivers: What Will You Be?

People use the generic phrase "cancer patient" to describe those affected by cancer, irrespective of their stage or condition. Sometimes "cancer survivors" is also...

Healing and the Mind: By Bill Moyers – The Mind-Body Connection...

Just how much does our “mind” control the physical health of our body? Do the emotions we feel have any effect on our immune system? Science is beginning to scratch at the surface of these questions.

A Positive Outlook Is The Key: Raksha Khanna (Uterine Cancer)

Thriver Raksha Khanna says "Life has its ups and downs, but we can make it beautiful"

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