Anita Moorjani’s ‘Out-of-Body’ Experience & Spontaneous Remission


When Anita Moorjani lay on her hospital bed with only a few hours to live, she experienced something very rare and unusual, an out-of-body experience.

Anita Moorjani faced end-stage cancer

In 2002, Anita was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph tissue. She refused the traditional chemotherapy and opted for a more naturopathic treatment.

Though she fought valiantly, in 2006 she faced end-stage cancer. She went into a coma and her body was in the process of closing down, in preparation for death.

At this point, she crossed over into a totally different realm and experienced a sense of complete clarity. The doctors had given her less than 36 hours to live, she however returned to consciousness and her health improved dramatically, resulting in the total disappearance of her cancer.

Near-death experience

Anita’s experience is very rare and by all medical standards, impossible. During her out-of-body experience, she recollects being given the choice of moving on towards death or coming back to life. At that moment, she recounts having understood everything about the purpose of her existence in this world.

How it changed her

Anita Moorjani is living proof that the intermediate zone between living and dying exists and that it is a profoundly healing space.

Her experience has changed her perspective of life and she strongly believes that if internally we are healthy then our external life too will turn out well.

Her understanding of life and her purpose in this world which she attained while “crossing over” has led to the total recovery of her health.


  • What are your beliefs about death? What do you think happens after death?
  • How can you transform the life-threatening cancer into a life-changing experience?
  • What is your life-purpose and how will you accomplish it?


Stephanie Brownie is a student of Communications at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.




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